Thursday, 3 July 2014

Facets (Photo Essay)

 (Pair work) Names: Zhi Xi and Xin Ying

                    Different Cultures food~


 Singapore is a multi racial country. For example, in Singapore hawker centre they sell many types of food. Malay hawker sells halal food and serve with many versions of traditionally Tamil food. Chinese stalls also introduce Malay ingredients or cooking methods. This will make the cuisine of Singapore rich and cultures attraction. And did you know that ice cream was a Chinese food? It was found by an famous Italian explorer when he was roaming around china then the recipe was brought back to Europe and it then becomes the ice creams that we are eating now. All these foods are famous and popular now because they are delicious!

Book Review

Title of the book and the author: 
To all the boys I've loved before, Jenny Han 
What is the plot? 
Being shock to found out all her letters that she wrote for all 5 of her crushes were sent out. In her letters, she writes about the things that she feels about them and say things that she would never say in real life, because her letters were only for her own eyes. But when the day, she knew her secret letters was being sent out to all 5 of her crushes, that's when Lara Jean's love life started being out of control.
          Did you like the book? Why?

          Yes, I do. This book is not boring and lifeless, the content in it does not comes out like what I have expected.

          What was your favourite part and why?

 My favourite part of the story is whereby Lara Jean had to face all the crushes that she wrote  letters to. If I was her, I don't think I would be able to bare this disaster. But she was able to  settle them one by one herself and end up finding the one she really likes and get together with  him. I think she really is a brave teenager. 
           Will you recommend this book? What kind of person will enjoy this book?

           I will surely recommend this book to many teenagers who have difficulty in expressing their feelings for their crush.