Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Travel Journal to Malacca

Dear journal,
                       This year Secondary 2 growth camp, we went on a two day one night trip to Malacca. On the departure day, we have to wake up very early and reach school by 6.37 a.m. causing most of us to be tired and restless but we were also excited at the same time. The moment we went up the bus, everyone finds a comfortable seat and settled down. The bus ride went on for at least an hour and many of us fell asleep throughout the whole journey to the custom.
After going through the custom, we got on a tour bus in Malaysia and waited patiently for our tour guide to arrive. Our tour guide, Aisha, was a very nice and kind lady. She kindly explained and brief us about our the actives carried out on that day.

Our first activity of the day was a school visit at Foon Yew High School in Johor Bahru.
At Foon Yew High School, we were to split up from our friends and sit with our new buddies. I was nervous and anxious for a moment but after a while I calmed myself down by telling myself to be natural and just smile and I did. Although my buddy is quiet and shy, but she had a noisy buddy which was me who talks all the time. Whatever I had said was so much more than what she had said. Their school rules were very strict and all of the students there that I have seen, obeyed their school rules. Until now my buddy and I still kept in contact.
After the school visit, it's finally lunch time! We went to a local restaurant to have our scrumptious lunch.
After filling our stomach, we carried on with our journey on the bus for half an hour while admiring the scenery outside the window at the countryside . 
Soon after, everyone got down the bus and found only trees surrounding us. Those trees were rubber trees. We learn about how to get rubber from the trees and the uses.
    Then, it's the pineapple farm. I thought it would be boring there as i am not a fan of pineapples but I saw my friends jumping on the soil and I found it interesting. The tour guide told us that those soil all not the usual soil people uses.
We then proceeded to Coffee Plantation and not only we get to observe the Coffee Plant, we even got to taste their local coffee and provided doughnuts too! But once again I didn't really like coffee so i pass it on and just kept munching on my doughnuts.
Next stop is where we were shown how a simple coconut tree can be utilised. Finally we get to view the processing of "Gula Melaka". 

Time passes by quickly and it's already night time and everyone was got hungry again. We went to a local peranakan restaurant and got to try their cuisines. Not only their foods were delicious, they performed beautiful and graceful traditional dances too!

Finally the time which everyone was looking forward to, the night River Cruise. We heard story and history about the river and bridges there. We enjoyed the ride alot but it still came to an end.

Then, it's time to check in! Everyone were too tired that we all wants to faster go to bed. After a short briefing, we all got our room card and went to bed.

One day past so quickly that I didn't  even realise. It's time to wake up to wash up. After washing up we quickly packed our bags , took a group photo in our hotel room and headed to the lobby where the buffet was located.

After the buffet breakfast, we board the bus and made our way to jonker street.

There were many tourist shops and shops that would catch my eyes but unfortunately, we was not able to buy anything.

Last place that I love most and left the deepest image was the St Paul Hill / St Xavier Church as the story about St Xavier was so incredible. There was also a wishing cage there and everyone started tossing their coins in and made wishes.

After that, it was time for us to go back to Singapore and our learning journey ended there. I really think that two days just was not enough for us. I really wished to go back there again.

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