Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hi!  I am Zhi Xi from 1E1 .. :) I am going to share more about me now so here it goes...
Okay as i was saying,i am from Perseverance 1(1E1) ♥♥.. I am a person who really loves to dance and sing crazily but does not have any talents and my dream is to be a dancer/choreographer. My favourite colours are Blue,Turquoise and White there is a reason why i like these colours are because blue and turquoise is like the colour of the sky and white is the colour of the clouds which makes me feel so free and awesome !! :)) And my favourite food is food that are made by my loved ones no matter how it taste.. :) I don't really believe in "Best Friends" as i was betrayed a few times by my "Best Friends" but i have "Best Sisters" and they are Zhi Wen and Soon Yee ♥♥ People always thought that i look very brave and strong on the outside,but actually inside i have a biggest fear that i would really like to overcome but i just could not and it is people staring at me that makes me lose focus. Before I came to Chong Boon, i was from CHIJ Our Lady Of Good Counsel. And my Favourite teacher is Mrs Loh(Science and Maths teacher) as she never gives up on me no matter what..Saying this makes me miss my primary school and it also makes me feel like crying too.. :(( But now that i have left that school and came to Chong Boon I should strive harder and make the school proud of me!! ^^ ★★

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