Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Story of a Dress

That very moment when i open my eyes, I see many people walking around in my home. Most of them took a glance of me and tilt their heads to my friends and some of them didn't even notice me here and just walked away. I was really curious why people are not attracted to me but my friends?? But i am the cheapest and the nicest dress among all my other friends. But why none of them are attracted by me??
Days went pass and one day,a girl whose face was covered with pimples and two big tooth in the front walk towards me and glance at me and called her mother over."Mummy!Mummy! I want this dress!!Buy it for me please!!" the girl begged her mother."But Susan,this dress looks so old and big it doesn't suit you. Let's go find some other better looking dresses." The girl sat on the floor and burst into tears shouting,"Buy this dress for me! Buy it!" The bystanders were all gossiping about them so the mother had no choice but to buy me."Alright,i will buy it. So stop crying." the mother pleaded.

After a few minutes my new owner finally calm down and stopped crying.Susan brought me the cashier happily while jumping up and down. When i reach my new home,i was very unfamiliar with the surroundings but Susan took me out of the paper bag and wore me. She look at the mirror but i was too big for her. Just then her mother walked in and took Susan out of me and kept me in a dark and cold place and i never ever saw her again.Until one day,I saw a beautiful young lady.She took me out of the dark place and put me into a box with lots and lots of other clothes around me.I was astonish to know that that young lady was actually that girl that who wanted me so badly last time! She have already grown up to be a beautiful young lady.But why is she putting me into the box?? "Susan!Are you done packing?" the mother asked "Almost!" Susan replied. 
Susan brought me down and gave it to an old lady without any hesitations at the moment,I felt betrayed.The old lady brought me back to her house and took me out and said,"It is such a waste to throw something which is still new." After saying that,she took out her sewing kit and started sewing me.In the blink of eye i became a bag! This is so amazing and i felt like i have just started a brand new life! After that amazing day i am like a friend to the old lady.And my life was just awesome!
                                                              -THE END-

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