Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Name:Tan Zhi Xi
                     I remembered last year before my most scariest exam to me which is also called PSLE,I love to go out with my friends to play basketball and was very lazy to even go back to do my homeworks and I will play until very late with my friends until the sky turns dark. Every time when i reach home, all my family members will be sleeping in their rooms except for me. The moment i step into my room, I just laid down on my bed and in no time I fell asleep.

                      Time flies past fast,"Zhi Xi! Wake up!" my mother shouted."Let me sleep for 5 more minutes please." I replied with a tired voice. "No! It is already 7am you have to wake up now or u will be late for school!" "Alright,alright.. I am awake already." "Sigh.. It's morning again.." I said to myself.

                       During class i would take a nap or daydream. And all my teachers will be scolding me for not paying attention in class and they said that i will surely fail for my PSLE. But I have this very special and different teacher who actually did not give up on me and even kept on encouraging me and pushing me. Everyday after school she will help me with my homeworks and things that troubled me. She is the most caring and awesome teacher i have ever met. Under her encouragements and help, I became less lazy and I don't really hang out with my basketball friends anymore until he day i that i was very fearful of came.
                        I went to my table and took my exam but during the exam, my mind was blank and i didn't know what to do.But all of a sudden, my favourite teacher's voice came into my head and i recalled everything she had taught me before although i know i wasn't really very sure with all the answers but at least i know i had tried my best.. On the results day my tears trickled down my face as i was receiving my results from my teacher. I can't get into the school with my friends.And that really saddens me the whole day but it's alright as I am in Chong Boon now and I made alot of new and awesome friends here and I felt very happy because after 6 years in my primary school studying, PSLE is finally over! ^^

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