Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Letter to my Siblings

Blk 143
Serangoon North Ave 3 #03-143 Singapore 550142
8 Feb 2013
Dear Issac,
How are you in korea now? I heard that is still snowing and it is really cold now. Make sure u wear more layers of shirt to keep yourself warm and cozy and try not to catch a flu. Mum and I are fine in Singapore too so don't be too worried about us.But recently on 8 December 2013, a riot have occurred in Singapore. The riot started by a private bus that ran over a Indian National at a junction of race course road and Tekka Lane. The riot lasted for quite a few hours. First police fast response car arrives a minute later the first fire engine arrived a crowd about 100 have congregated.Police reinforcements starts arriving too and the crowd swells up to 400. The body of workers extricated from under the bus.Mob starts pelting emergency officers with concrete blocks and beer bottles. The SOC officers form up and begin to disperse crowds.The police took control of the scene and high visibility patrols deployed to prevent rioters from regrouping,28 suspects was arrested. Our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong orders Committee of inquiry case of unrest. I hope u would reply soon about what is happening in Singapore!

Your sister,Zhi Xi.

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