Sunday, 23 March 2014


-Minimum 200 words(241)
-How are the English lessons for far?
-How can the teachers help me?

             I think the English lessons are fine and great as Miss Foo and Mdm Tan made the lessons really interesting and I learn lots of new words and vocabulary during the lessons. And we get to see puns showed by Miss Foo so we could relax our minds for awhile and she will even slowly explain to us if we do not understand the pun. And i get to know more about what is going on around the world and even changes with the things or climate around me by reading the articles and worksheets given to us almost every week. I am weak in my Vocabulary, Editing and sometimes I don't really understand the questions from the comprehension. But after all the English lessons, I think I have improved from the previous results I got in primary school. But I think I can improved further by working harder.
                  I think the teachers can help me by giving us more articles or short stories with more vocabulary words for us to read and discuss with. And I think we should have more support programs after school  to strengthen our learning more. And we could tell the teachers the topics we are weak in and we could be group together by the topics we need to improve on. And the teachers can focus more on our weak points and of course we will still have to revise other topics too. 

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